Engineering & Research

Most IBL Products are developed by a Strong Research and Engineering team which works on Cutting edge technology solutions.

IBL is the only company to manufacture both Boilers and Turbines, providing complete power generation solutions.
With more than 6000 Boiler installations, IBL has developed Boilers and Combustion systems to work with diverse Fuels.

IBL are Pioneers in FBC Technology with the first FBC boiler manufactured in 1986. Till date over 5000 Fluidised Bed Combustion Boilers are in operation.

The First Hybrid boiler, "The Agropak" was developed by IBL in 1991 and still maintains its reputation as the best boiler in its class.

Major Commercialised Technologies

1980  Parallel Cross Tube Vertical Boiler. 

1984  Circloflame Burner.   For Improved combustion of Fuel Oils.

1986  Fluidised Bed Combustion system for Rice Husk and Coal - Replaced Stoker firing.

1990  Rapoclave - Quick Closing Autoclaves developed.

1991  Agropak - The Hybrid Boiler - Today, the most preferred design in India. 

1993  Suvega Pure Water wall for furnace was developed. - Improved Radiation Capture.

1996  Brownian Motion Furnace for Biomass. - Revolutionised Biomass burning.

1999  Twin Drum Agropak design developed - Possibly the first Packaged type Power Boiler.

2000  Husko model developed - Special  FBC Boiler for Rice Mills.

2000  Back Pressure Steam Turbine developed -Opened up small Cogen Applications.

2005  Multistage and Condensing Turbines developed.

2006  Cold CFBC developed for Petcoke.

2008  Huskogen - A unique Micro Power Boiler with incredible efficiency.

2009  Magnum - A Large Power Boiler with Prefabricated Concept.

2010  Rotary Furnace - Unique combustion system for Incineration of Industrial, Medical Wastes and Palm Kernel.

2013  Saturated Pressure Reducing Steam Turbine developed. Economical Cogeneration of Power for all Process Industries.


2014  Solar Thermal Power Plant with IIT - Delhi & British Universities.

2016  Trigeneration Project with IIT - Delhi and Aston University - UK.

2016  Multieffect Distillation Plant (MED) with IIT -Delhi

Technologies under Development


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